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What attracted you to coaching at AM Soccer Club?

  • The organisation and structure of AM Soccer Club appealed to me. I had been coaching for 2 years before joining AM Soccer Club. I was always impressed when competing against or speaking with coaches from the club. 

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your role as a Coach?

  • A coach holds many important roles. Creating an environment where players feel safe and welcome is up there.

What is your favourite AM Soccer Curriculum skill and why?

  • Maradona lift. My favourite player and a really fun skill to coach. I love telling the kids about Maradona and his genius tricks. 

Can you recall your favourite football moment from your life, so far?

  • Fortunately for me, memorable moments occur often. A group of Walking Footballers winning a penalty shootout in Portugal certainly makes me smile when I reflect. 

If you could sit with any person, past or present for dinner and a conversation, who would that person be?

  • My Dad

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