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ross grant


What attracted you to coaching at AM Soccer Club?

  • I was looking to become involved in coaching in both soccer school and team environments. The quality of coaches and people that were coaching at this time was a huge draw to learn from them and learn about how AM Soccer Club coached young footballers.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your role as a Coach?

  • Providing enjoyable and informative training sessions for young players, creating an environment where they can continue to grow their love for the game.

What is your favourite AM Soccer Curriculum skill and why?

  • Ronaldo Stepover - an effective attacking move when performed well. 

Can you recall your favourite football moment from your life, so far?

  • Being a full-time footballer for three years providing some brilliant moments - playing football every day with your team-mates was an unbelievable 'job'. 

If you could sit with any person, past or present for dinner and a conversation, who would that person be?

  • Out-with family members, I would say Sir Alex Ferguson - his knowledge, experience and stories would be immense. 

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